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Top 20 things to do and destinations to visit in Uganda.

Did you know Uganda have more attractions that can keep you on a vacation for long; here are the top destinations and things to do on your vacation to Uganda. No matter of the size of the country, it has unique attractions and famous popular destinations that are scarce elsewhere in the world including primate guide to Uganda, city tour, culture, geography and the people of Uganda as below.

1. Gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Bwindi impenetrable have over half of the entire total population of the mountain gorillas in the world that means that the chance to see them elsewhere is reared and is the main reasons why this is the number one tourism destination in the world. Gorilla tracking involves hiking through thick jungle to find your allocated gorilla family one of just a handful that have been habituated to the present of humans. Once you encounter them, you will spend a magical hour observing these, magnificent creatures in the wild. The updated price tag is 700$ and the going can sometimes be challenging but when are you ever coming for this amazing adventure?

2. Chimpanzee tracking in kibale national park.

Several of Uganda’s parks and forests including kibale forest, budongo forest and kyambura have habituated chimpanzee families which have been gently trained to tolerate the present of the humans. a tracking experience can be half or full day during which you hike through the forest to fine the group before spending time observing them. If you are lucky enough, you get closer to them one of the breath taking activity to do when in Uganda.

3. Lake Bunyonyi.

Located in the far west of Uganda close to the border with Rwanda, Lake Bunyonyi is a charming places to spend a day or two relaxing. This stunningly pretty lake is dotted with dozens of islands, some of which have fascinating dark stories. Take a ride in a small canoe to learnt about some of them, from the Akampene (Punishment Island)

Punishment Island in Lake Bunyonyi

The Bakiga used to leave unmarried pregnant girls on this small island – to die of hunger or while trying to swim to the mainland (swimming skills were rare). This was to intimidate the rest, to show them not to do the same. A man without cows to pay the bride price could go to the island and pick up a girl. The practice got abandoned in the first half of the 20th century

 Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa and the fourth deepest in the world, at 900m at its maximum depth.

4. Go hiking in Sipi falls.

Situated at 1775m above sea level in the foothills of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda close to the border with Kenya, Sipi falls is a relaxed hill town that makes a great location for a weekend and break away from Kampala. Its mountain air, rolling hills and craggy cliffs it’s popular with adventure enthusiasts, especially hikers, climbers and hill runners we give it a thanks. It gets its name from a three pretty waterfalls and hike to see them which takes the busy part of the day is the area main attraction. But there are other outdoor adventures to be had too, from tours of the local coffee plantations to bird watching walked to hill running to the rock climbing on one of the 14 bolted routes and even abseiling down the side of the main 100m water fall which sound terrifying.

5. Uganda wildlife education center.

For more than just a zoo, UWEC is a wildlife sanctuary where animals rescued from poachers or the illegal pet trade is brought to be cared for until they can be released back in to the wild. Those that would be unable to fend themselves because they were babies when they were found are kept permanently. These animals have been raised by human which means you can get closer to them without fear. Here you can do tour to feed the giraffes, stroke a cheetah or make friend with an elephant. Other animals found here are the chimpanzees, tigers, buffalos, rhinos among others that can make a good day excursion for fun.

6 Source of the Nile.

The river Nile is the longest river in the world over 4000 miles long and runs all the way from Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. It was discovered by John Hannington Speke in 1858 in Jinja 80km east of Kampala city. The historic discovery of the source of the Nile is commemorated at the source of the river Nile monument just outside jinja. Take a guided boat ride upstream and on to Lake Victoria, where it is said you can actually see the bubbles as the water rises out of the lake and begin its journey north. Also around the banks is blessed with primates and birds.

7. Wildlife safaris.

Uganda has 10 national parks which are collectively home to more than 350 different mammals including the big five animals as well as over 1000 species of birds making wildlife spotting still one of the top tourist attractions in Uganda. They are less clouded in Murchison falls, queen Elizabeth national park with the famous tree climbing lions, kidepo valley national park which is the true African wilderness and lake mburo national park the whisper of the wild all summaries the gift and species of biodiversity of Uganda. A safari can be organized by a tour operators like kenlink tour to any destinations you want in Uganda.

8. Kazinga channel boat trip.

A 20 mile river that flow between Lake George and Lake Edward. Animals of all size come down to the water’s edge to drink and bathe so on any given day you are guaranteed to see everything from elephants, hippos and buffaloes. The beauty of wildlife spotting by boat is that the animals don’t seem to be bothered by its presence, meaning you can get much closer than you might be able to by the car. The boat trip last for 2 hours which enable you to enjoy viewing the birds and all 11 species of the kingfishers are found here.

9. Tree-climbing lions in Ishasha.

Other things that queen Elizabeth is known for is its tree climbing lions. These are not a unique subspecies of lions, all lions can climb the trees but this particular park happens to have some climbable trees and they are not slow to take the advantage. The wonderful things about this lions are they are much easier to spot and photograph. Hidden in tall dry grasses at the ground level, a lions are not easy to spot and invisible but up in the trees, it is in the full display and likely to rest there for several hours. This can simply be seen at Ishasha on the game drive and the trail heads to buhoma in Bwindi about 62km from mweya tourism hub.

10. Ziwa rhino tracking at the sanctuary.

Ziwa is the only place in Uganda to see rhinos in the wild. Situated in the north part of kampala just the way to Murchison falls national park and not just see the rhinos but get closer to them I their natural habitat grazing. Because of poaching, rhino became extinct in 1983. Ziwa rhino sanctuary was set 15years later to reintroduce them. They started with just 6 animals but thanks to the successful breeding programmed they now have 22 with more on the way. You can see the rhino by taking a guided nature walk with the armed ranger.

11. Kampala city tour.

Although most people come to Uganda for a wildlife safari, most trips will start or end in Kampala. Kampala has reputation for being safe, crowded, and clean and is also the major capital city of Uganda. Full of vibrancy, hustle and hills. Originally build on 7 hills and now sprawling over 21 many more. It is well organized with plenty to see and do for a day tour.  Among popular places you can visit are the kabakas palace, kasubi tombs, independent monument, the parliament, gadafi mosque, namugongo matyrs shrine, nakasero market, bahai temple among others making your day excursion busy.

12. Visit the Batwa pygmy people.

While in Bwindi or mgahinga national park, it is worth taking time to visit one of the Batwa communities. The Batwa pygmies are the hunter-gatherers tribe who for thousands of years lived a nomadic lifestyle in the forests of western Uganda. Visit to Batwa includes the chance to learn about their traditional way of life and watch displays of music and dancing. It is a great way to support this displaced and marginalized community who really need our help. Make sure only do an official visit as these are culturally sensitive and your ticket price goes back to support the community.

13. White water rafting in jinja.

As well as being the place where the river Nile begins, jinja is also Uganda’s whitewater adventure capital. The foaming waves and thundering rapids of the world’s longest river are a hug draw for of adrenaline junkies who come to enjoy the thrills of whitewater kayaking and rafting on rapids that reach grade 5 in some areas. For those of a more nervous disposition, NRE also offers more sedate activities like stand-up paddle boarding or horseback riding. With plenty of places to stay, eat, and drink, and a fun, relaxed vibe it’s not surprising that jinja is now the second top tourist attraction in Uganda after the gorilla.

14. Sempaya hot springs.

In Bwamba county, a remote part of Bundibugyo district lie the ever boiling sempaya hot springs. Through the vegetation cover of semuliki National park is where the trail leads you to sempaya hot springs. The surrounding hosts different attractions including bird species, butterflies and different primates including the red tail monkeys, black and white monkeys and green jet monkeys among others. As you approach these hot springs, a strangle pargets smell of hydrogen sulphuric hits your nose, as welcome scent to this mother nature geographical formation. After seeing the rate at which these hot springs boil, you will wonder how they came about.

The park is known for the two Sempaya hot springs, one male called Bintente and one female called Nyasimbi. The idea that they are male and female comes from the Bamaga clan’s folk lore; they believe that their ancestors live under Nyasimbi  and their male ancestors under Bintente.

15. Lake Victoria.

Uganda may be landlocked, but what it lacks in sea views it makes up for with a mighty Lake Victoria. This hug body of water sits on the south side of the country across the boarders with Kenya and Tanzania and at over 23000 sq miles is the largest lake in Africa. The best departure point to see; lake Victoria is Entebbe enjoy a sunset cruise to enjoy the calm water. Or take a trip out to some of the many islands. The main highlight is the Sese Island, an archipelago of 84 islands featuring blue waters, soft white sand, and thick forests-which make for a fantastic off the beaten. The mail island Buggala Island is easily accessible by ferry from Entebbe and is a popular weekend destination for Kampala residents with a string of beachfront hotels and bars.

16. Stand on the equator.

Another easy and popular thing to do in Uganda is to visit the equator. Uganda sit right on this magical line, providing a rare opportunity to stand with one foot in the northern and one foot in the southern hemisphere-a slightly surreal but fun experience if you have never done it before. The point where the equator crosses major roads are all marked with circular monuments, but the main place to see it is kayabwe on the masaka- mbarara highway about 45miles from Kampala. Here there are craft stalls and cafes and you can watch a demonstration that proves that water does indeed circle down a plug hole in opposite directions on either side of the equator.

17. Golden monkey tracking in mgahinga gorilla national park.

Golden monkeys are very cute but endangered primates. They are characterized by their thick golden hair which makes them very beautiful and attractive. Golden monkey are thought to be the subspecies of the blue monkey. They are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and DR. Congo. In Uganda, golden monkeys live in mgahinga national park. Uganda and Rwanda are the best to track golden monkey the monkey love feeding on the bamboo shoots on the slopes of virungas volcanoes. They are expert’s tree climbers and masters of acrobatics. Their greatest fears are the large African eagles which will not hesitate to catch them if they get a chance. Unlike mountain gorillas whose population is increasing, that of golden monkeys continues to decline. Visitors can only visit habituated groups and the fees collected are to protect them.

18. Murchison falls.

The Murchison falls are one of the top tourist attractions in Uganda. They are found in the Murchison falls national park one of the best in east Africa. The Murchison falls is home to chimpanzees, antelopes, Rothschild giraffes, big fives, crocodiles and hippos with more birth species, despite the rich fauna and flora, the Murchison falls is the key attraction of the park. The falls are formed at the formed at the great river Nile squeezes through a narrow gap with several rocks creating massive waves and white form in several sections before making a final falls then continues its journey calmly to Egypt. The water spray creates a constant rainbow throughout the day adding on to the beauty of the falls. Visiting the top of the falls is one of the things to do while here.

19. Birding.

Uganda is one of the best places for birding in the world. The country has over 1050 recorded species. This is more than what is found in the whole of Europe whose total is 700. The most attractive species are the African green broadbill, shoebill stork at mabbamba wetland, black bee eater, the brown chest plover, green breasted pitta, Karamoja apalis, nahans francolin, and the kingfishers. The climate and the earth movements created perfect habitats for the birds in form of lakes, swamp, and forests. For the best birding experience, one needs to visit the national parks however birding in Uganda can be don’t almost everywhere.

20. Hiking the Rwenzori  mountains.

Uganda has several mountains and volcanoes worth climbing. The most popular ones are the Rwenzori mountains, mount Elgon, mount Moroto and the three volcanoes in mgahinga natioal park- Gahinga, Sabinyo, and Muhabura. The highest mountain is a snow capped Rwenzori mountains at 5109m climbing to the highest peak takes 9 to 10 days while elgo take 4 days. Reaching the highest peak of Rwenzori is considered the great achievement even among the internationally known hikers. It lie in the border between DR. Congo and Uganda. It is world heritage site and offers the opportunity to encounter breath taking scenery, tropical glaciers, alpine vegetation, primates, birds, rivers and 9 lakes.

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